About the Property

Quepos Hot Springs Estates is part of an amazing parcel of more than 2000 acres of privately owned rainforest reserve located high above the Pacific Coast towns of Quepos and Manuel Antonio. About a 30 minute drive from Quepos, situated in the Fila Chonta Mountain Range, QHSE forms part of the Quepos Biological Corridor. This is home to 60% of all the flora and fauna species found in Costa Rica, many of which are under threat or endangered. This property’s combination of great natural beauty, untouched woodlands, biodiversity, and nearby towns and amenities is unsurpassed.

The four phases of development planned for this property will involve less than seven percent of the total parcel. The remaining 93% will be preserved as natural greenspace - leaving more than 1,800 acres of rainforest as your backyard! View the Available Lots page for details on this four phase project.

While the available lots are in an area with easy access—we've installed the appropriate drainage areas, bridges, and road system—much of the property is still only accessible by horseback. Fortunately, we have a veritable herd of sure-footed horses and experienced local guides available for exploration. Here you’ll discover a spectacular array of natural beauty—rolling hills with tall grasses at the base, steep mountains flowing with a series of impressive waterfalls, the river Canas surging with irresistible cascades, and natural mineral water hot springs bubbling up from deep down in the subterranean to the earth’s surface.

The property is home to an astounding array of indigenous wildlife. You’ll encounter the screaming howler monkeys and the smaller and more passive white face monkey. It is not uncommon to spot toucans and wild macaws, as well as flocks of numerous other bird species. Other indigenous animals you may spot include the majestic jaguar, sloths, cotamondie, crocodile, and wild boar.

The Hot Springs

View a Geological Report (PDF file) concerning these hot springs.

As you explore the remainder of this parcel of land, you will see numerous waterfalls before you begin to smell the sulpher from the 120° F hot springs. The location of the hot springs was privy only to the indigenous tribes for centuries, until just a few years ago when we discovered these magical waters. Not only are these waters extremely relaxing but the Central American Indians have known about the healing qualities of these mud baths and mineral springs for generations.

Within the next months, we will create great pools of hot mineral water surrounded by the rain forest, making this place unique in the whole area.

The Lodge

Amongst the available lots, at the edge of the River Canas, sits the Quepos Hot Springs Lodge on more than 10,000 square meters (approx. 2 1/2 acres). Built as our home-away-from-home for exploring this amazing property, this jungle lodge offers eight bedrooms, each with its own private bath and shower, and a restaurant and bar.

Surrounded by exotic plants, nice gardens, and the sounds of pure water running through the rocks of the nearby river, guests can fish in the river, swim, or explore its waterfalls. The lighting for the lodge is powered by solar panels and a clever "hydro plant" that uses the constant water supply from the mountains.